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Description of the course: you will go through the preparation course for TOEFL iBT with our professional teachers: you will get to know the structure of the course and sharpen your skills for the test. These include speaking, listening, and reading and writing, while you will also have some practical tests on computers.

Preparation course


Duration of the classes

Duration of the course

Price / course


2 times per week

1 lesson – 120 min

3 months

7500 uah



сертификат TOEFLiBT





TOEFL iBT – is a standardized test for knowledge of English as a foreign language, which allows young specialists to study at foreign higher educational establishments or work abroad. Taking TOEFL helps to determine the ability of non-native speakers to communicate in English academic situations. 

TOEFL is held in over 180 countries, and its results are accepted in 7500 educational establishments and organizations in 130 countries worldwide. These include colleges and universities of such countries as the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc.

The TOEFL certificate is a compulsory document for being enrolled to MBA programmes in foreign universities, to obtain the right for practicing in English, or to be employed in a company that requires knowledge of the English language. Some research and professional certification programmes also require TOEFL passing from their candidates.

The TOEFL certificate is valid for two years.

Over 27 million people around the world have passed the TOEFL test to check their level of proficiency. As a rule, the test is taken by students from Pre-intermediate to Proficiency level. The TOEFL test is computerized, and taken via the Internet under the technical support of test centers of the Educational Testing Service (ETS), Princeton University, New Jersey, USA.



TOEFL iBT structure




  1. Reading

3-5 texts ( with 12 – 14 questions to each text)

60 – 100 min


  1. Listening

2-3 dialogues (with 5 questions to the dialogue);

4-6 lectures(with 6 questions to each)

60 – 90 min


  1. Speaking

6 conversational tasks

20 min


  1. Writing

1 integrated task;

1 essay

50 min



4 hours 30 min

120 point

  1. Reading  is given to identify the ability to understand academic material with varied content.

Skills, required: general comprehension, recognition of general position and the main idea of the text, ability to make conclusions, understanding the structure and aim of the text, summary and classification of information.

  1. Listening  is given to identify the ability to understand oral English speech in the academic context.

Skills, required: understand the gist, recognize speaker’s position and degree of certainty, recognize speaker’s communicative purpose, ability to categorize information, ability to unite ideas, ability to make conclusions.

  1. Speaking  – is given to identify to speak English in academic situations.

Skills, required: ability to express one’s ideas, ability to state one’s opinion, understand important information from the text, lecture, or conversation, explain information from the texts, provide arguments of one’s choice, fluency, accuracy and adequacy structures and vocabulary, intonation and pronunciation.

  1. Writing – is to identify to write in English in the way by educational tasks in colleagues and universities.

Skills, required: summarize, paraphrase and refer to the information of the source material, determine the main idea and some questions, write an essay using arguments, examples, and definitions, express ideas in the necessary order, use appropriate linking words to coordinate your ideas, follow spelling and punctuation rules.


Registration of the participants is on-line:

  1. Open www.ets.org/toefl;

  2. Chose Register for the test, then Sign Up;

  3. Fill in personal data

A registration fee is to be paid by Visa, Master Сard, American Express, Discover, JCB.  

Registration is available 24 hours a day. Preliminary registration closes 7 days before the examination (not including the day of the test). Late registration closes three days before your test date (not including the day of the test).

Registration fee is 180$. Late registration 200$.


Each candidate receives a report on the number of scored points. The results include the points scored in each of the 4 sections:


Low (0-14), intermediate (15-21), high (22-30).


Weak (0-9), limited (10-17), fair (18-25), good (26-30).


Low (1-16), intermediate (17-23), high (24-30).

The test results are sent you via your personal profile, as well as to the mail address of the organization or educational establishment, which are indicated by you as an employer or the place of further studies within two weeks from the day of the test.


What you should have on the day of the test:

  1. Valid international passport with your signature and photo, where your name is given in Latin letters identically to the variant that was entered by you during registration. Or a valid international driving license in English, with your signature and photo.

  2. Registration number and registration confirmation.  To do so you need to enter your profile, select section “View Order, Registration Confirmation” and print out all required information.


Your name and family name must be identical in the identity document and in registration form. Otherwise, you may be not admitted to the examination!

Copies of the documents are not accepted. On the official website you can also find the list of other documents which are accepted and not accepted as your additional documents.

It is prohibited to:

Take any friends or relatives to the testing room, or communicate with them during the test; take mobile phones, PDAs and laptops, electronic books, cameras and video cameras, any other digital devices; watches, pens or mechanical pencils, outwear, bags or rucksacks$ handwritten essays or task samplers.

If you bring any of the above items with you, you must leave them in special lockers.

The main rules to be followed during the test:

  1. If you have any problems with your PC, you must raise your hand and ask the administrator for help;

  2. If you exceed the time limit, your results may be rejected;

  3. You may not use your personal items or communicate with anybody outside the test venue during the break;

  4. If you need any additional break, raise your hand, and show your documents to the administrator at the exit. Upon your return, the time of the test is not extended by the period of your absence;

  5. You must sign the test confidentiality agreement.

In case of violating administrator’s request and remarks, or breaching behavior rules, you may be asked to leave the testing room with no further refund!


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