Head of Global English Center

My name is Evgenia Kaskova. I am a CELTA teacher, a Cambridge examiner and a person who loves her business, who is in the right place and who is developing every day.

And I express my deep gratitude to everyone who supported me and continues inspiring me to implement super ideas.

I love challenges, I like to overcome complex tasks and set insane goals. They awaken in me the desire to move forward and develop further, deeper and wider.

While creating the Center, I had a specific and clear vision of the purpose: to create a strong platform for learning English and preparing for international tests, TOEFL iBT, IELTS, CAMBRIDGE. We have achieved this goal and now we are setting new tasks!

Our team

Our teachers

When I set challenging tasks for myself, I expect the same from others. I love it when we grow together. Talent wins games, and the team – the championships! Our team is not just the best, we are super power!

The teachers have international diplomas / certificates: CELTA, DELTA, TKT. Preparation for the lesson is like to paint the Mona Lisa, huge efforts, study of each step and maximum quality.

Each lesson is the maximum involvement, it is the work of the student personally and the group, it is the satisfaction of the teacher’s work and the content received and worked out.

Our managers

Our customer service managers are the friendliest. They will be able to choose a course of work and help determine the schedule. Flexible, 100% feedback and interest in your success!

Our value


Trust your training to professionals. This is the foundation of the relationship between the client and our Center.


We are responsible for the quality of education. You are responsible for developing the material and attendance. Together we will achieve the best results.


One of your most valuable assets is a high-quality and modern education. We know not only how to teach you English, but how to consolidate achievements at the international level!

English Language Center GLOBAL ENGLISH

GLOBAL ENGLISH Center is a school of studying English in Kharkiv, preparation for TOEFL iBT, IELTS, Cambridge tests according to international standards. On the basis of our center in Kharkov, you can officially register and take the TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge tests or just sign up for English language courses.

Having signed up for classes at our school of English in Kharkov, you will find yourself in an environment of cheerful and friendly like-minded people, among whom will be both students and teachers. Here, love for the English language unites everyone, maybe that's why our English courses are considered to be among the best in Kharkov.

Besides, our English Language Center in Kharkov offers its students participation in educational tourism programs and language practice courses in England.